Interviews and Book Trailer Fun!

I was supposed to have the book trailer for Are We Still On For Tonight? Dating During the Zombie Apocalypse done before the book was published but…shit gets in the way, y’all.

Anyway, we finished the trailer today, and we actually did two versions of it, they are both below.

Free Book and Interviews

Tomorrow I’ll be on the No Math Allowed podcast interviewed by two very funny ladies (and I’m not just saying that because I know their Google alert will pick up this post) Jessica Barton, who is one of the book reviewers for Nerdist, and the lady with the best name ever–Lisa Love. We talk about books and stuff. It’s cool and fun and all the kids are listening to it.

I should also have a video interview going up this week on Anthony Cardno’s blog, Rambling On. Anthony is an author, reviewer and juggler. Okay, he’s only two of those things…but I’m not going to tell you which two.

In honor of all this talking about myself I’ve been doing, I made Are We Still On For Tonight FREE as a bird for today and tomorrow. Go spread your webbed fingers and click to it, my friends.

Trailers for Are We Still On For Tonight? Dating During the Zombie Apocalypse

We also did a second version of the trailer using some tools that distressed the video:

About the book:

Not everyone who survives the zombie apocalypse should.

Rachel Finnikin was prepared for a lot of things. She was prepared to marry a rich doctor. She was prepared drive a luxury vehicle. She was prepared to be a rich lady of leisure.

She was not prepared for the zombie apocalypse to effectively cancel her first date with Dr. Dream-Come-True.

Rachel isn’t one to let something as ridiculous as a horde of savage undead ruin her chance of a dream future. Instead, she allows her underlying ruthlessness to seep out as she works to survive the zombie apocalypse with every hair in place AND make it to the restaurant by 8 p.m.

But will the doctor?

This novella is approximately 16,700 words. That translates to a 50-60 page book.

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